Our Services

Color Tinting Technology

Our trusted network of experts, partially or independent stores, can give you the best retail experience. Our modern coloring machines are the best in class, and capable of mixing your desired color in just a few minutes while our experts provide you with a genuine advice and utmost hospitality.
Our retails are located across Sudan: Khartoum, Port Sudan, Al Obayid, Atbara, Madani, Kassala, Kosti, Al Qadarif, Nyala, Al Managil, Dongola, Karima, Sinnar, Al Dueim, New Halfa, Al Fashir, and extended (through independent retailers) even farther to South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Chad, Central African Republic, and more. 


Our mobile application delivers the ultimate color experience at the palm of your hands. It has more than 1,200 ready-to-order colors, home decor inspirations, and more. Available for both Android & iPhone.

After-sales service

Our Customer Service Team understand that our relationship with our customers doesn't end with a purchase, they will follow up with each customer and always available for you wherever you are. Our customer ratification is number one priority.

Outstanding Technical Support

Our Technical Support Team are highly trained and well-educated technicians with years and years of experience, ready to advice you on deciding which colors suits you, how apply it, and continue to support you happily after your purchase. Just call 1346 during work hours.

Painters Loyalty Programs

Painting is an art, and only true artists know how to apply it. Painters are one of our most valuable partners. We always make sure they're informed & updated about our existing (and new) products through our nationwide Painters Workshops, in which, we educate and train them to apply our paints perfectly. We always make sure to provide them with the tools they need for their artistic work.