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Paints have two main purposes. Firstly paint will protect the surface against nature (sun, rain, heat, cold etc) secondly it will beautify the surface. Choosing the right color combination on buildings will bring out the right spirit and makes it stand out from the rest.

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“Each color evokes different emotions for each individual. Your emotions  depend on your individual life experience and how you associate each color”.

Amir Beleil

General Manager

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We are the experts in: Wall Filler   الطليه الحريريه Wall Paint   دهانات الجدران Floor Coating   العوازل الارضيه Epoxy Coating   الايبوكسي Wood & Metal Paints   دهانات الاخشاب والمعادن Varnishes  الورنيش Insulator Paints  دهانات العوازل

In its factories Elmohandis Paints produces the highest quality of paints for many purposes for in an around your house, offices and factories, shops, restaurants and even roads.

Every day our 75 trucks bring our products to our customers in every state to make their building more beautifull.


Finished Projects in Sudan

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Wood & Metal Paints

Elmohandis has an extensive range of Wood & Metal Paints, and are standard available in may colors

Paint for Walls & Ceilings

Elmohandis has many products to make your wall beautiful.

Our Projects

Latest Projects

Our products are used on thoussands of buildings in and outside Sudan. We cooperate with interior designers, architects and contracts. Get inspired and check out out latest applications!

Preparation For A Repaint

Only when you prepare all necessary steps wel you will be pleased with the end result

Color Selection Essentials

Choosing colors for your house should be done carefully and where you take many aspects into account. Avoid these common mistakes.

Our Process

Get Your Own Color In 3 Steps

If you need a non-standard color paint we have the solution for you. In the 35+ Elmohandis Color Mixing Centers we can mix you exactly the color you want. The Elmohandis Color Mixing centers can prepare this for wall & ceiling, and for wood & metal paints in your desired color. Do you have a very large project, we can produce your desired color straight in our factories.

Select one or more of your desired color(s)

First you need to come up with examples of the color you want. You can get some inspiration from our projects page, from for instance a curtain fabric our you found your dream color on a website. Choosing a color can take some time.


Find a Color Mixing Center on the Map

Your smartphone will give you the directions and opening hours of your selected Color Mixing Center. Your decision where to buy is depending on the distance and the reviews of the business. You will be satisfied!!


Order and Collect your own Special Paint

If you go to one of our Color Mixing Centers they can further advice you on the color(s) and give you a quotations for the product and quantity you need. Delivery times are usually within one day so can


Our Customers Say

Ahmed Jaber
Ahmed Jaber
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I bought from a retailer in Omdurman 5 pails of Silk paint to re- decorate my living room kitchen and bedrooms. it is a wonderful paint, easy to apply and its even washable. It has nice semi gloss appearance. I really recommend this product from Elmohandis Paints.
Mohamed Elshafie
Mohamed Elshafie
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I use Elmohandis Paints already for more then 15 years. I swear by their quality. I has a high coverage, so with each liter you use, you can paint more wall. Once I used another brand, but that was a disappointing experience . Elmohandis Paints continue the Number 1 Paint in Sudan!
Mona Elbadawi
Mona Elbadawi
IT Professional
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I got to know Elmohandis Paints through Facebook, They seem to a lot of charity in our society. This makes the brand sympathetic to me. I ordered my painter to buy Elmohandis Paints, which he fully agreed with. I used also some special colors, which I bought in one of the color mixing centers. I have now a wonderful re-painted house. I am really happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elmohandis Latest News

About our Company, our Products and our Staff

Elmohandis paints has a new website

Elmohandis has renewed its website. By achieving this it can better inform their customers about our products and the optimal way to apply them. We have also many tip & tricks about paint and

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Super fast painting

A man has gone viral on social media after he was shown painting an entire wall in just 35 seconds, with many people’s minds blown over the speedy DIY trick When it comes to

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