Color Mixing Centers

About our Elmohandis Color Mixing Centers

Our Color Mixing Centers Elevate The Beauty Of Your Home With Beautiful Colors and Materials

“Each color or texture evokes different emotions for each individual. Your emotions still depend on your individual life experience and how you associate each color”.

What makes a Color Mixing Center special is that you buy there Wall & Ceiling paint, and Wood & Metal Paints in any color you want. Besides this they can advise you very well in matching colors and textures for wall applications.


First Class Paint and Number 1 in Sudan!

Among all available paint in market our feedback rating for the quality of our paint is always very high. We will not disappoint you.

Very wide selection for decorating your walls

Next to normal paints we have a very wide selection of special wall textures.. You will be impressed about the possibilities.

Wall Decoration

Next to normal wall paint in white or a special color we have extraordinary materials to decorate you wall.

Wall & Ceiling Paint in any Color you desire

This is where a Color Mixing Center stands out. They can make you any color you like.

Wood & Metal Paint in any color you want

Besides the standard colors our Color Mixing Centers can make oil based paint in any color you want.

Elmohandis Color Mixing Centers Overview

Why Choose Us

Our Color Mixing Centers are the best in Sudan

We have al most 40  Color Mixing Centers troughout Sudan to optimal server our customers who look for the best and latest fashion in all paints in and around the house.

Modern Tinting Technology

We use the latest technology in computer aided color dispensing for a high color accuracy.

Paint & Application Experts

We know what what paint to use in what situation. We can advise you and your painter.

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