Elmohandis Academy

About our vocational training academy

Elmohandis Vocational Training Center is approved by The Higher Council for Vocational Training and Apprenticeships.

Serving the local community and raise scientific and technical awareness in the paints industry.

Develop theoretical and applied training methods to match the size of the company and its future aspirations

Communicating, exchanging knowledge and holding conferences with universities, technical colleges and scientific research institutions

Expanding the trainee base to include all company employees, agents and clients

Our Vision

To become the leading educational authority in the country and the region in the field of paints, colors and decoration

Our Mission

Providing specialized professional educational programs

Our Training courses

Structural Paints

Covers the techniques of selecting and applying paints and coatings in and around buildings. Describes the composition of paints and other coatings, and how to use brushes, rollers, spray guns, and other tools of application. Also describes how to prepare new and existing surfaces for coating, and explains the easiest, most successful techniques of application. This course has no prerequisites.

Decorative Paints

Once you master as a painter the art to apply our Decorative Paints you will belong to the top class in your profession. Elmohandis organise regularly courses to teach you the skills to apply a Decorative Paints range of products.

Wood Paints

Elmohandis has a wide variety of wood paints in its portfolio ranging from varnishes to wood-stains.  Regularly we organise special training for woodworkers and painters how to optimal apply our products.

Road Paints

Elmohandis can provide training regarding the application of road paints on request.

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