Bedroom paint inspiration

Getting creative with bedroom paint ideas is a brilliant way to bring some joy to your space. After all, waking up to a bedroom filled with happy hues is a great way to start your day. 


Paint ideas can be used effectively to help add some interest to your design, without overwhelming the space. It can be used to highlight key architectural features, make a room feel cozy and cocooning, or just add an inventive touch that elevates your space. 


From painting a headboard to decorating a ceiling (after all, you’ll be looking up at in this room than any other), if you want to add some fun to your sleeping space, then keep reading for 10 warm and inviting bedroom paint ideas.

9 Bedroom Paint Ideas to experiment with color

We’ve seen so many homeowners use paint to create a restorative sanctuary in their bedrooms, where they need it most,’ says the Elmohandis Interior Design Specialist. ‘Because our bedrooms are where we begin and end our days, color can play an important role in setting a positive tone for the day ahead or helping us unwind in the evenings.’

‘We are seeing a lot of bedrooms incorporate grounding and peaceful colors inspired by the earth. Warm browns, deep greens and calming blues will be at the forefront as homeowners are bringing the outdoors in through design. I recommend painting it on all four walls in a bedroom for a cozy, cocoon feeling.’


‘Go for a saturation scheme – paint walls, furniture and woodwork all the same hue then add accessories in other tones such as powder blue, gun-metal grey, and lilac for a contemporary result,’ says our Interior Design Specialist



Your focus for your windows might be controlling light and privacy, but don’t overlook the fact that these beauties too can be the perfect canvas for a welcoming pop of color, too. 


A small window niche like this presents itself as a wonderful opportunity to add a pop of color to a space. While the rest of the space remains dark-toned, the window niche lightens up with pink paint.


If you want to add further layering to the room, add fun bedroom curtain ideas to the mix. Make the windows appear longer and more dramatic, by hanging the curtain rod just below the ceiling. Stained glass is another great option for adding color to windows. The way the light falls into the space through the tonal glass is quite magical.


Alcoves provide those special spaces that almost make you feel removed from the hustle-bustle of the home. They’re like ‘found’ places and have a whimsical look to them. And, these provide that extra space in the room to fit in more functionality.


If you love the feeling of a den, then a bed placed inside an alcove can feel quite cozy. Give it more love by painting it a different, smile-inducing color so your bedroom looks like one out of a magazine. 


Add more interest to this area by choosing similar-toned bedding to create a unified look. Suspend a tiny pendant to add more lighting here, and to create a further niche look, as if the bed is a separate space altogether in the bedroom.


Ideally, choose tones that are light to help you sleep better. At night you want your cocooned alcove to coax you to snooze well, and when you wake up, you want to see colors that make you instantly happy.


If you’ve got yourself a beautiful flea market or antique fair carved wood door, use it as a headboard, and make it even more interesting with a lick of paint. Alternatively, if you have a wooden bed that feels too jaded, paint its frame a lovely deep tone and fall in love with your bed, once again.


Painting the headboard can be a great weekend project. Clean your headboard with warm, soapy water, and wipe it dry with a soft cloth. Sand the wood for a smooth finish. Apply the primer. Start with the edges followed by the front of the headboard. Wait for it to dry.

Use a foam brush to apply the paint. Work from the top to the bottom following the grain of the wood. Apply two coats for a nice, dark color. Finish it off with a polyurethane varnish – it will prevent the paint from getting scratched. 


Another interesting way with paint is creating a feature behind the bed. In this design by Atelier Cho Thompson(opens in new tab), the designer has experimented with pink paints for a whimsical, pleasing effect.


‘Paint a circle feature above the headboard for a dramatic focal point that symbolises unity,’ says Helen. ‘It’s a simple paint effect that’s quick and easy to achieve. Just cut a piece of string to the correct length for the radius of your circle, use masking tape to fix one end of the string to the centre point of your intended circle, then make a small loop in the other end and place a pencil through the loop. Carefully draw a circle, ensuring the string is taught at all times but without pulling so hard that the tape comes off the wall.’


‘Remove the string and use a paintbrush to paint the circle, starting from the outside and working your way in, painting in a circular fashion. Add warmth to this look with rattan, wooden surfaces and chunky knitted textiles,’ says Helen.


Using common furniture pieces in unexpected ways is always a neat trick for pretty bedroom ideas. Bright red cabinets, deep blue chests of drawers, or cupboards covered in glossy baked-enamel finishes create an eye-catching scene. The advantage of paint is that it can make an old, worn-out-looking piece look as good as new. 


Here, the TV unit is the focal point of an unconventional bedroom. Its hues dictate the design story of the room while surreptitiously hiding a TV and other bedroom accessories. ‘This custom unit is inspired by the Memphis movement,’ says architect and interior designer Ali Baldiwala of Baldiwala Edge. ‘It’s painted green and its curves and scoop details give a certain character to the entire room.’ 



When it comes to paint, we mostly look up for bright ideas, forgetting that the floor too, is one of the largest surfaces in the room.  


If you have wooden floors in your bedroom, why not consider trying some floor paint ideas? Whether plain or patterned (we’ve been seeing some great painted checkerboard flooring recently), it’s a great way to tie your floor more directly into your scheme.  


You could also consider painting your wooden floors a crisp white to add to the fresh modern appeal. If you have wooden beams, the rustic effect with the white floors will look striking. 


Transform your room with a big dramatic statement. Wall murals are energetic, and modern and, offer an endless variety of designs. While mural wallpapers are available in the market, to add a personal touch, engage the services of a professional to hand-paint one for you in your bedroom or come up with your own creative design. 


‘Murals can act as a focal point for celebrating and reflecting your personality,’ says Anupriya Sahu, founder and design head, Alankaram(opens in new tab). ‘There are many ways to experiment with murals to enhance any space. For instance, opting for a mural with a layered design and assorted patterns is a great way to add color, depth, and texture to a space. To make a prominent statement, one can have a large-scale design on walls,’ 


From cityscapes to landscapes, animals, and more, there are various designs you can think of.


Bold color contrasts are a great way of expressing yourself. But figuring out the right palette isn’t easy. Ideally, use not more than three solid, contrasting colors in one space. This way you can create a vibrant, high-energy modern bedroom.


Take note that while using contrasts, pair colors of similar intensity. If your primary color on the wall is bold, the accompanying colors on the trim or molding should be bold too. If your primary color is pastel, make sure all the other colors are also pastel. Usually, hues that are next to each other on the color wheel look better and create a smart interior scheme.


The two-tone effect in bedrooms with opposing colors on the wall and molding also help break up the visuals, especially if the room is double or triple height. This way, a sense of cohesion and a feeling of coziness can be created down below while the ceiling gives an umbrella effect, as if, cocooning the space.


If bright colors don’t call out to you, experiment with interesting textures on walls like limewash paint to add depth to your space. 


‘The walls are finished in limewash,’ says Ravi Vazirani, principal designer,Ravi Vazirani Design Studio(opens in new tab). ‘We used the brand Limocoat as these textures/finishes have been gaining popularity for the past few years.’

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