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The products on this page are primary intended for Industrial applications, but some of the products can also be used a problem solver in a residence. The paint products in this category are extremely though and durable, exactly what you need in and industrial environment. 


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Hardener Transparent Epoxy

Elmohandis epoxy transparent hardener consists of high quality resin which give drying and hardness to epoxy paint when mixed with recommended ratio.

Transparent Epoxy

Elmohandis Transparent Epoxy Paint is specially designed for three-dimensional flooring and walls to give glass effect. It is formulated from Epoxy resin and special additive that distinguish Elmohandis Transparent Epoxy Paint.

Flooring Primer Epoxy

Elmohandis is a fast-drying primer and specially designed to be the basis for epoxy paint flooring because of its high ability to withstand the heavy work resulting from the movement of trucks and cranes and equipment. It is suitable for painting the floors of factories, workshops, hospitals and others.

Flooring Epoxy Hardener

Elmohandis epoxy hardener for flooring consists of high quality resin which give drying and hardness to epoxy paint when mixed with recommended ratio.

Flooring Epoxy

Elmohandis epoxy paint is a 2 components high quality topcoat specially designed for the protection of floors from heavy duty works like forklifts and tools movements, and is suitable for floors of Factories, Hospitals, Work Shops, and other. It is formulated from epoxy resin, high quality pigments, additives and hydrocarbon solvents

General Epoxy

Epoxy primer General Elmohandis is a two components primer. It is used for hard service paints and specially designed to be the basis for epoxy paint General, it is used to protect the metal surfaces, oil pipes and metal tanks, which is a good resistance to weather conditions and provides protection of the surfaces from rust for a long time. It consists of high quality epoxy resins, special additives and hydrocarbon solvents.

-Note: you cannot use general epoxy primer without the epoxy paints.

Hardener Epoxy General

Elmohandis epoxy hardener consists of high quality resin and solvents which give drying and hardness to epoxy paint when mixed with the recommended ratio.

Epoxy Thinner

It is a mixture of a high quality organic solvent which has high ability to dissolve the epoxy paint and this gives better drying and gloss for epoxy paint.

Hammer Finish

Elmohandis hammer finish gives hammer strokes form, which is distinguished with its   beautiful and attractive shapes. It is designed specially to be used as a protective coat for tools, kitchens and metallic surfaces. It is formulated from special type of resin, solvent, high quality pigments, aluminum paste and special additives.

Road Marking Paint

Elmohandis Road marking is a high built topcoat used for marking and sign writing of both new and previously painted runways, parking areas, bitumen and concrete roads. Road Marking 

Elmohandis is formulated from a high-quality  resins, special pigments and special additives that distinguish the paints.

Super Glue

It is water based white wood glue with a high adhesion power which doesn’t leaves marks on the surface after drying. It is recommended to be used for paper. It is formulated from high quality polymer and special additives.

Glass Putty

Elmohandis Glass putty is a putty specially manufacture to stick the glass with the wood, it is manufacture from special types of oil and fillers that ease the application and adhesion


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We are the experts in: Wall Filler Wall Paint Floor Coatings Epoxy Coating Wood & Metal Paint Varnishes Insulator Paints

In its factories Elmohandis Paints produces the highest quality of paints for many purposes for in an around your house, offices and factories, shops, restaurants and even roads.

Every day our 75 trucks bring our products to our customers in every state to make their building more beautifull.


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